abstract painting by Stefan Razutis 4 x 8 ft. medium: oil on wood

Surrealist painting by Stefan Razutis . medium: acrylic  on wood

2012 Solo Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada

enlarge gallery shot

2016- 'Eastside Culture Crawl', studio open house exhibition.Razutis - Exhibitions
2013- Raw Canvas Lounge Exhibition "Daredevils And Doorways" by Stefan Razutis featuring acrylic work on canvas and wooden sculputers.

2012- Red Gate Gallery "To The Bitter End" solo exhibition of 3d paintings and sculptures.

2011- No U Turn Gallery ''Opening Night Exhibit'' sculptures and paintings.

2010- Red Gate Gallery ''The Pocket Show'' exhibited pocket size paintings with surreal acrylic paintings and sculptures.

2010- ''Toy Show'' Fall Tattoo Gallery, a combination of painted Munny dolls and handcrafted original figurines.

2009- Small World Gallery ''The Many Faces Of Stefan Razutis'' exhibition included works of wooden tree cut outs, plus surreal canvas work and mantle sculptures.

2009- ''PVC Toy Show'' Third Gallery, painted Munny Dolls

2005 Cafe de soul Exhibition by Stefan Razutis featuring acrylic works on canvas.

2002- ''Nucleus'' E lounge downtown Vancouver, exhibition included live painting and spray paint, with acrylic on canvas.

1995-Scenic painting for an East Vancouver play production "War".

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